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    T.Ex.T.-Frankfurt is the right choice because of its unique profile. Go and see for yourself!

       you need a high quality tuition   

    rtarrw.gif (1291 Byte)   you need flexibility to study at the right pace and the right times of day to suit you

    rtarrw.gif (1291 Byte)  you need a methodical well structured learning style

    rtarrw.gif (1291 Byte)   you want to learn in a pleasant atmosphere

    rtarrw.gif (1291 Byte)   you want to be kept up to date about your learning progress

    rtarrw.gif (1291 Byte)   you need more than a conventional language course - our value added extras for you!

    rtarrw.gif (1291 Byte)   you want to learn more about T.Ex.T.-Frankfurt



    For further information please phone (0049) 69 - 34700530  or send an e-mail

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